A simple questionnaire that finds you free and affordable family legal help in Chicago.

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Sign-ups for the SAEF Beta Now Open!

SAEF is building a free online tool to Chicago parents and families find free and low-cost legal help with family law issues, including child support, custody, divorce and more. 

All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your legal situation. Then, we'll provide you with referrals to free & low-cost legal service providers that can help address your specific legal needs. 

Our first round of closed Beta testing has closed, however we are welcoming new sign-ups to provide feedback on the site as we begin editing and implementing new features to transfer to an Open Beta. We currently have developed over 2,400 unique referrals.

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A simple questionnaire that finds you the best affordable family law attorneys

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Payments made by one legal parent of a child to another towards the cost of caring for and raising a child. 

Child Support
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The process through which a parent-child relationship is legally established or declared non-existent.

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The distribution of responsibilities for taking care of a child.

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Child Custody
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Granting or denying the right to spend a certain amount of time with a child. 

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Visitation Rights
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The process of ending a marriage or union with a spouse or partner. 

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Divorce & Separation
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Determining a marriage or union that is legally prohibited to be null and void.

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