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Child Support

We've catered the following list of legal terms with the definitions of the most critical concepts for those that are currently involved in or are looking to start a child support case, organized from A-Z.


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Alimony (Maintenance)

Cash Medical Support

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Order

Child Support Owed to a Parent versus the State

College (Educational) Expenses

Contempt of Court

Contesting Child Support Enforcement

Custodial Parent

Department of Family Services (HFS) 

Establishing Legal Parentage

Income Withholding

Judicial Child Support Order

Modifying a Child Support Order

Non-Custodial Parent

Past-Due Child Support (Arrears)

Paying Child Support via a Check or Money Order

Project Clean Slate

Service of Process

Temporary Child Support

Terminating a Child Support Order

Unallocated Child Support