Current Child Support

Current child support is the amount that you have been ordered to pay on a regular basis as part of a child support order

In contrast, past-due child support is the amount one is ordered to to pay if one fails to make a current child support payment on time. 

If one still owes current child support after failing to make a payment, the past-due child support will be owed in addition to the regular current child support payments. The same applies for failing to make alimony or cash-medical support payments on time.  

For example: If you have been ordered to pay $200 per month in child support, and you fail to make a payment the first month, your next child support order will show that you owe $200 in current child support, plus whatever is owed in past-due child support.   

Depending on your situation, you may be able to modify the amount of current child support you are paying. Generally speaking, it is significantly easier to modify current child support than it is to modify past-due support.   

Additionally, failure to make current child support payments on time can result in enforcement sanctions.