Dissolution of Civil Union

A dissolution of civil union is the process through which two partners exit a legal civil union.

In order to dissolve a civil union in Illinois, both partners must either be legally separated for a period of at least six (6) months, or otherwise prove that they have been living separately for a period of at least six (6) months. Additionally, you will have to demonstrate to the judge that the two of you have irreconcilable differences that have lead to the breakdown of the civil union.

You may have to deal with the following legal issues throughout the duration of your dissolution case:

If you and your partner have minor children together, you may also have to deal with additional legal issues:

All decisions on the matters above will be incorporated into a settlement agreement at the conclusion of the case.


  • If both you and your partner are in agreement to dissolve your civil union, and the two of you DO NOT have any minor children together, adopted minor children together, nor are any of your currently pregnant, you may be able to file for a joint petition for simplified dissolution of civil union

  • If your partner files for a dissolution of civil union, and you do not want to dissolve the civil union or disagree to the terms of the dissolution, you reserve the right to file a counter-petition

  • All judgements or court orders made during a dissolution of civil union case can be appealed

  • A settlement agreement can potentially be modified