Interim Attorney's Fees

Interim attorney's fees refers to the costs associated with hiring and being represented by an attorney in court, to be assessed periodically throughout the duration of a legal separation, dissolution of marriage (divorce), or dissolution of civil union case.   

An award of interim attorney's fees may be based on, but is not limited to the following: 

  • the income and property of both parties 

  • the earning capacity of each party, and any potential impairments to the future earning capacity of each party 

  • the standard of living of both parties during the marriage or civil union 

  • the expected quantity of attorney's fees; and 

  • additional relevant factors, such as the complexity of property divisions or allocation of parental responsibilities (custody)

If you experience a substantial change in financial circumstances AFTER interim attorney's fees have been ordered, such as a change in employment status or the added presence of a mental or physical disability, you may be able to modify the interim attorney's fees.