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Parenting Plan

Please note that the legal information presented on this page is written for those living in the state of Illinois.

What Does it Mean?

A parenting plan is a court order that decides whether a child's caregiver has legal custody or visitation rights (parenting time).

How Does it Work?

Parenting plans are designed to help non-married caregivers coordinate care. Details included in a parenting plan may include:

  • which parent(s) has primary custody over their child
  • the amount of parenting time a parent has with their child
  • how the child is to be transported and exchanged between parents; or
  • how both parents are to communicate with each other to coordinate childcare

Things You Should Know

  • If one caregiver files a petition to get custody of a child, both caregivers have 120 days to file a parenting plan. Caregivers can either file a plan together or separately
  • If neither caregiver files a parenting plan, the court must create one.

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