Parenting Time (Visitation Rights)

Parenting time (visitation rights) refers to the amount of time a caregiver is allowed to spend time with a child. Parenting time is ordered by a judge in court through a parenting plan, which may also allocate parental responsibilities (custody arrangement).


  • If you have been given parenting time with a child, and plan to relocate over 25 miles from your current place of residence, you will have to file a petition to relocate. Only the child's custodial parent can relocate with the child(s)

  • In some cases, someone who is not the child's legal parent can be allocated parenting time, including the child's step-parent, grandparent, or non-minor sibling. Learn more

  • Parenting time can be modified if it can be shown to a judge that there has been a change in either caregiver's capacity to care for the child

  • If a caregiver is regularly not with the child during their allotted parenting time, the other parent may request to enforce parenting time