Project Clean Slate

Project Clean Slate is a program offered by the Department of Family Services (HFS) to help qualifying non-custodial parents pay off past-due child support (arrears).

You may qualify to have all past-due child support owed to the state of Illinois erased if you can provide proof that one of the following circumstances prevented you from paying child support:

  • you became unemployed

  • you became incarcerated; or

  • you suffered from a serious illness

Accepted forms of proof may include a letter from a former employer, prison discharge or parole forms, or proof of disability or a doctor's note.

Once accepted into the program, you must make regular child support payments for a period of SIX (6) CONSECUTIVE MONTHS in order to have the remainder of past-due support owed to the state of Illinois custodial parent, however, would not be affected.

If you are not sure to whom your past-due child support payments are owed, click here to learn how to find out.