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Project Clean Slate

Please note that the legal information presented on this page is written for those living in the state of Illinois.

What Does it Mean?

Project Clean Slate is a program offered by the Department of Family Services (HFS) to help qualifying non-custodial parents pay off past-due child support (arrears).

How Does it Work?

You may qualify to have all past-due child support owed to the state of Illinois erased if you can prove one of these reasons prevented you from paying child support on time:

  • you became unemployed
  • you became incarcerated; or
  • you began suffering from a serious illness

Acceptable proof may include a letter from a former employer, prison discharge or parole forms, or proof of disability or a doctor's note.

Things You Should Know

Once accepted into Project Clean Slate, you must make regular child support payments over SIX (6) CONSECUTIVE MONTHS to erase your past-due support owed to the state of Illinois. All past-due child support owed to the custodial parent, however, will not be changed.

If you are not sure whom your child support payments are owed to, click here to learn how to find out.

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