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Our Mission


Of civil legal problems experienced by low-income Americans each year are met with inadequate or no legal help at all. Those involved in civil lawsuits that are unable to afford an attorney must represent themselves as their own attorney in court.

​The reality is troubling, yet clear: accessing one's civil legal rights is prohibitively expensive for the majority of Americans. 

One of the (many!) amazing things about Chicago is that there are numerous organizations dedicated to providing low-income parents and families with high-quality legal services for free (pro bono) or at a cost below the market-rate ("low-bono"). However, each of these providers often only have the resources to address a particular set of legal problems. 

This makes finding affordable legal help extremely challenging: How can the average person — those who aren't attorneys themselves — know which provider can address their unique legal situation?

Our Ambition

SAEF Legal Aid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit startup based in Chicago, Illinois. We aim to collaborate with legal professionals, technologists, and community-based organizations to provide free tools and services that help low-income parents & families access free and affordable legal resources.

Our team's goal is to maximize the capacity of the civil justice sector in whatever role we can be most helpful. We firmly believe that by empowering consumers to triage their legal problems and find high-quality legal resources, we can dramatically scale the impact of legal service providers.

We are currently looking to partner with community based organizations in Chicago to host free community legal help clinics — staffed by pro bono attorneys and powered by SAEF technologies.

If your organization is interested in hosting a community clinic, contact:

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