Volunteer Community Legal Navigators

The family legal system is prohibitively complicated, and those without regular access to the internet face significant barriers to acquiring knowledge of the financially accessible available legal resources available to them. 


SAEF Legal Aid’s Community Legal Navigator Program aims to address this issue. By physically locating ourselves in community spaces, we can strive to ensure that all Chicagoans standing to benefit from our services have access. 


The Community Legal Navigator Program is designed – primarily for undergraduate students – to experience a unique immersion into the civil justice sector. The work performed by navigators is critical for ensuring that the most socioeconomically disadvantaged have knowledge of the legal resources available to them. 

Responsibilities of Community Legal Navigators include:

  • Help users navigate our referral questionnaire to diagnose their legal problems and find referrals to legal resources in a kind and respectful manner

  • Provide users with general legal information using accessible plain language

  • Fill out and provide users with detailed hand-written referral sheets

  • Independently manage transportation to and from volunteer sites

Some benefits to becoming a Community Legal Navigator include:

  • An opportunity to gain meaningful and immersive experience working in the civil justice sector

  • Helping create a lasting positive impact in disadvantaged communities

  • Gaining insight into the operations of a small non-profit startup

  • Develop customer service skills

  • Flexibility with weekly commitments

Please contact info@saeflegalaid.org for more information