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The SAEF Legal Aid Open Beta is now live! For more information on our Beta testing, click here

A simple survey that finds you FREE & low-cost family legal help in Chicago.


To begin the questionnaire, select the category you would like to find help with

Child Support

Starting a child support case, changing a child support order, enforcing a child support order, college expenses


Establishing legal parentage, challenging a parent-child relationship, denials of parentage

Custody & Visitation 

Starting a custody or visitation rights case, changing a custody arrangement or visitation schedule, non-parent visitation

Divorce & Separation

Starting a divorce or legal separation case, responding to a divorce petition, changing a settlement agreement, annulments

Is the questionnaire free to use?
What does "free and affordable" legal help mean?
I received a referral. What happens next?
Do I have to share my personal information?
I don’t see my legal problem. How can I find help?


Sorry! Work in Progress

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We're currently updating our data for the divorce and separation surveys, and are working to make them available to you as soon as we can. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.